4 Things I’ve Learned (So Far)

  1. Events Don’t Upset You. Beliefs Do. Only the end of the world is the end of the world. We can make a situation much worse by how we express our attitude towards it. This isn’t about relentless positivity, but assessing our belief systems to truthfully rewire our patterns of thought in order to enhance life and not diminish it.

  2. We can’t control other people, the weather, economy, or traffic. You can’t control anyone, all the outcomes, the distant past or the unknown future. Control what you can and let go of excess worrying about what you can’t.

  3. Accept everything. Life is the way it is and you are where you are. Acceptance not only saves energy, but opens us up to a non-judgemental experience where self-compassion and self-knowingness can grow, and the intuitive actions required to change can happen naturally.

  4. Healthy habits are essential. Create a daily self-care routine to connect, straighten-up, and cultivate the best version of yourself. Do it. Then do it again. Because just thinking, reading, or analyzing won’t move the needle, but a consistent practice will.

My work is for people who want to become a more authentic and honest expression of themselves, in one, any, or all facets of their lives.

I teach people from a spectrum of backgrounds and professions — those who arrive with the intention of wanting a safe and courageous space to transform at their own pace. Whether that means decreasing stress, unhealthy habits, tension and anxiety, or increasing self-worth, focus, physical health and fitness, and mental strength, I will help you to create a stronger, more confident, mind-body connection.