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Do you want to you progress your practice further in an empowering way? Wanting to know more about yourself, but find it difficult given the magnitude of your thoughts? Feeling blocked, stagnant, or disconnected, and want help getting unstuck?

The most personal and in-depth way to learn is personal and in a private setting. This will allow the time and space to explore techniques, fears, concerns, or challenges in a confidential, safe, and empowering way.

A private setting encourages you to take ownership and exponentially progress your practice further. It also allows the building up of physical, breathing, and meditative techniques to support your personal process in a comprehensive manner.

In a 1:1 setting you will be encouraged to discover new sides of yourself:

  • Rebuild from the inside out

  • Integrate what you learn on your mat with the rest of your life

  • Prioritise daily self-care, reflection, and practice

This process will help you in a million different ways. It isn’t always easy, but I will help you to build a strong mind-body connection with a light-hearted sense of ease and humor.

The biggest value I will offer you is how to take what you do on your mat to improve the rest of your life — your practice is only 2 hours, but your life is 24-7.

No previous experience required. You do not need to have an established practice before booking a 1:1 session. Appointments are available in person or via Skype.

Price: 80€ / 60minutes. Ask for packages.