I have known Mikko Seppinen since the early 2000’s when he started the practice at my co-owned yoga shala, Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki. Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki was found in 1997 and became soon one of the world’s most established Ashtanga Yoga shalas.

During the following 15 years I witnessed Mikko’s development from a beginning student to an advanced practitioner, long-term teacher apprentice, and later a yoga shala owner and workshop teacher. Mikko has cultivated a deep understanding of yoga, and a great ability to meet people with varied backgrounds and pass the essence of the traditional yoga practice to suit each individual with intelligence and truth. I highly recommend to get to know him as a teacher and fellow human being.
— Petri Räisänen, Finland and all over the world
There is so much diluted messaging out there about yoga, but studying at a genuine authentic yoga school with Mikko Seppinen for 5 years was simply a deeply enriching experience for me on so many levels. Mikko is a sincere long-term student of yoga who facilitated my learning process every step of the way whether it was through practical support in practice or through conversations about yoga and life. He holds a quiet and reflective space which allowed me to look deeply within and learn about yoga beyond the asana practice. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from Mikko. It has influenced my own teachings and outlook in the most positive way.
— Sharline Rofail, South Africa
If you choose to practice with Mikko, I would recommend you prepare yourself for raw authenticity, kind discipline and true transformation. Mikko serves the most consistent backdrop for one who wish to cultivate authentic connection with your inner being and higher self. Mikko’s persistent presence and patience, is like a peaceful ocean to reflect in, as you learn to accept life as it is.

Mikko takes yoga beyond asanas and introduces you to connection with yourself, the people around you and with life. Mikko’s style of teaching makes it clear that yoga is so much more than a physical practice and reveals the monkey mind’s benefits from repetition and discipline. Mikko has an exquisite eye to observe your inner dialogue and the sense of timing it takes to puncture it. In the Mysore setting he is a man of few words and thus words are carefully chosen. It is clear that Mikko is a teacher who studies yoga with his whole being. What makes him a great teacher is his ability to translate years of studying the long tradition of yoga into a few condensed sentences of wisdom.
— Jeanette Mortensen, Denmark
I’m very honoured and happy to have organised Mikko’s workshops in Poland since 2013. Each time I’m amazed by his way of sharing yoga wisdom as well as by his ability to work with quite difficult, mixed groups consisting of advanced ashtanga yoga students, beginners and also yoga practitioners from other yoga styles. Regardless of age, shape and practiced yoga system, everybody is welcome to his workshops and finds something inspiring. Furthermore Mikko always gets enthusiastic feedback from the workshop participants.

I think the secret of Mikko’s success as a yoga teacher lies not only in his knowledge and technical skills, but also in his authentic, serene and emphatic way of being. He is a great listener, an extraordinary observer and has a wonderful sense of humour. He gives people a lot of space to explore themselves on the mat. Very often just a few of his words have a lasting, transformative effect on yoga practitioners. I highly recommend Mikko to everyone who is looking for an engaged and supportive teacher - a teacher who doesn’t really care about having a yoga Instagram or Facebook “super star” image, but truly cares about all his students and his own, silent yoga practice.
— Kasia Baron, Poland
I started my ashtanga yoga journey 13 years ago. It is a tedious journey both on and off the mat. It has its ups and downs. Joys and struggles. Frustrations and ease. It was only when I met Mikko at Mysore Yoga CPH that I finally learned to surrender to the practice. Without judgment and resistance.

For me, a teacher is someone who is curious on the yoga practice with me. Someone who is still full of amazement for its beauty, mystery and inner wisdom. Day after day. Breath after breath. Moment to moment. Mikko is like that as a teacher. Guiding without pushing. Deeply grateful to have met him.
— Nevin Tuna Eronde, Denmark
Mikko helped my to heal my wrecked body and taught me to focus on what matters through a comprehensive, gentle and respectful Mysore practice. Mikko’s social intelligence, his insight in philosophy and his professional guidance makes him to more than a common yoga teacher. Mikko is there for everybody and every body. All are welcome no matter abilities, age or agenda.

I am honoured to have been one of his students in 3 years. He thought me the fundamentals of the practice, one breath at a time, one practice at a time. Thanks to Mikko, I have been a disciplined home practitioner for some time now.
— Musimu Nissen, Kenya
I am fortunate to know Mikko as a dear friend and teacher since 2009. Mikko is genuine, dedicated and a clear transmission of the Ashtanga Yoga lineage. He is approachable and personable — he is a real person. I absolutely love his way of helping you to see yourself more clearly — to take self-empowered action without force or control. I have learned so much from Mikko, and feel privileged to say that we’ve shared many Buddha-belly laughs. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life and for his dedication to the practice.
— Tanya Markul, USA
I met Mikko in 2004 when we both attended Lino Miele’s retreat in Houtskär, Finland. Since then we kept in touch and met from time to time. In 2013, I connected him with my friend and yoga teacher who invited him to deliver a yoga workshop in Poland where he has now an ever-increasing circle of fans who appreciate his approach to teaching Ashtanga yoga. The teaching style of Mikko is gentle, allowing the student to explore their own abilities and limits. From the start, he instils peacefulness and focus, inviting the students to listen to their inner voice. It is immediately obvious that he is totally genuine and integral. Combination of his many years of teaching experience, strong practice and wonderful personality make him to a great yoga teacher.
— Grzegorz Adamiec, Poland
I started practising yoga to find inner peace and to fix some physical pains from excessive training from the gym. For 3 years, I was at a yoga school where I learned the foundations of meditation and yoga. I felt I needed a change, not only for a different style of yoga and teaching but also something that fit my schedule better with my Master’s program.

I started googling around and found one place that was across the street and tried a class. It was a bit too pricey, only had classes in Danish and I did not really feel a connection there. Then I tried Mysore Yoga CPH which was only 5 minutes away from where I live. The moment I walked in, I felt the place had a good energy surrounding it. After my first intro class, I signed up for a month and after went to my first Mysore class which was led by Mikko.

Immediately I noticed how focused everyone was in the class and how dedicated they were to their practice. As I looked around the room, I spotted Mikko as he was assisting someone in what looked like a complex asana. I noticed he was helping her in such a gentle, caring and yet focused manner.

As I started my practice under the guidance of Mikko, I immediately felt secure to go and bend (what I thought were) my physical limits. I felt that, even though this is really challenging for me, he has my back. Immediately you could tell he was experienced as he knew exactly how to start with me. Through both our consistent hard work and dedication, gradually I have felt the improvement of my well being which has been affecting the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of my life.

Through daily practice, I feel happier in general! Through our efforts, I feel I have gained so much positive energy - which I feel profoundly within me. I want everyone to feel this - I would recommend Mikko to anyone in a heartbeat. He offers so much positivity, good humour and realness while being very grounded. He is a natural healer as is very dedicated to yoga and the philosophy behind the practice.

I’ve fallen in love with Astanga yoga, if I wake up too late for the morning practice, I feel like I’ve missed something important. Thank you Mikko so much for your continuing dedication to your students and for helping me feel something truly special in my life!
— Harry Vlahadamis, UK
Mikko’s path crossed mine in South Africa in 2016 and I have since been very grateful for the teachings and guidance that Mikko has so supportively provided in the yoga journey. His unconditional openness with sharing his teachings provides a beautifully nourishing and trusting way to absorb the information as a practitioner and student.

I love that he offers a holistic view and teaching method, offering both a dedicated meditation and pranayama practice, aside from just the asana. His commitment and light hearted demeanor makes him one of the best people to practice with.
— Jani Roodt, South Africa
I used to meet Mikko in the drowsiness of the early morning hours at Mysore Yoga CPH. We exchanged few words about the weather, physical disposition and other mundane topics, before I started to practice. His good-humored answers on these instances were short, subtle, and intuitive. I could tell they shifted my state of mind. First for a few seconds. Then, for a little longer. At some point, I started following up on his words while he waved good-bye to other students, or watered his plants. Mikko´s answers would usually strike me as honest, straight, nevertheless puzzling. I didn´t know yet, but in them I would find portal-keys for a much-needed inner journey I was about to embark into. It was not easy, and no shortcuts were allowed. Not much further in the road, though, Mikko would remind me it shouldn´t be a lonely process, as he shared lessons from experience, insights, and more questions. Reference books and videos. Now, walking through the rough paths that big surgeries and rehabilitation drags one into, I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the courage, inspiration, comfort and help Mikko´s wisdom maps have provided me with along the way. I feel deeply grateful for the privilege and joy having met him.
— Carolina Alvarez Utoft, Brasil
Mikko has created an authentic place filled with love and genuine energy of the practitioners and teachers. A space where magic happens, where we feel at home, where we can become ourselves and trust completely. Mikko has introduced me to the Ashtanga practice and to me he is a walking inspiration. A kind, strong and patient teacher who knows his craft and shares it with us. Teacher appears when student is ready! If you are interested in this practice, don’t hesitate!
— Abril Arteaga, Mexico